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The outer doors are meant to provide security and keep the intruders at bay but when the door gets locked or jammed – you need to have someone competent enough for emergency unlock situations. At times, you might be aware about some hacks that can save you in such incidents but in most of the cases, a professional locksmith’s assistance is necessary.

Lock Key Shop is a brand trusted for their superior quality products and services, their loyalty towards work and the work ethics that they portray during their task and the unbeatable competence they have. They have been imparted with all the latest trainings and information regarding the most recent developments in the locksmithing industry.

Keep our contact handy

Lock Key Shop Charleston, SC 843-507-0113The way having a doctor’s number on speed dial of your phone is a necessity; similarly having a local locksmith’s number added to your contact list definitely helps you sail through the storm smoothly. When there is an emergency then anything can happen; you just can’t take any chance and delay the rescue process. Lock Key Shop is one such company that is ever ready to help you in emergency lockout conditions with its fully equipped mobile locksmith vehicles that keep on moving from one place to another on a routine basis in and around Charleston, SC.

Place and Time doesn’t stop us

Our priority is to serve the community and every other thing comes later. How often has it happened that you faced an emergency lockout during normal hours? It must be very rare. It is a natural tendency that emergencies hit you when the hours are odd and there is the least possible help available.  In such conditions, all that becomes important is to find the most effective solution for the issue at hand. Lock Key Shop identifies with the criticality of the matter and will be there at your service 24 by 7, anywhere you are, in and around the Charleston, SC area.

What we do?

We offer top notch consultation, products and services for your locksmith related requirements. The mechanism is simple – call us and we will be there to listen to you. You get all the freedom to share your thoughts with us. We do not impose our suggestions on the customer rather we make them aware about the situation at hand and what solution best suits it. Ask for simply any locksmith service and we will have an answer ready for you.