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You must have heard the term rekeying but never given any importance to knowing what it is? Rekeying locks is a significant solution for instances wherein the keys have been lost. A lock is considered secure till the time its keys are in safe hands but the moment you lose them and don’t find them again; there remains a doubt in your mind as to who might have found them. Is it someone known who can very well take undue advantage of the keys?

There exists no room for doubts; the only possible solution is to eliminate the doubt. This is exactly what Lock Key Shop does in instances like. Lock Key Shop has successfully lived up to the expectations of numerous customers by providing rekeying locks services as opposed to getting the whole lock replaced.

Why is rekeying locks a better option?

Everything has a cost attached to it. Similar is the case with lock replacement as well. There  is no doubt that sooner or later, one must get the locks replaced but why get it done unnecessarily for petty issues that can be taken care of using other simple and cheap techniques? Rekeying locks is one such option available for situations where the keys have been lost and chances of misuse cannot be ruled out. Also, it best suits the customers who would soon be shifting to a new house, the access to which was with many in the past. Lock Key Shop will assess and suggest the best possible alternative to you that would save both your time as well as money.

Lock Key Shop Charleston, SC 843-507-0113When is rekeying not suitable?

  • When you feel that security needs some enhancement
  • The locks installed are obsolete
  • The locks are already past their due date i.e. rusty and old locks
  • Frequent jamming issues

Let the experts serve you

Lock Key Shop has been serving the customers of Charleston, SC for a long time now and gained their trust with the superior and trustworthy locksmith services. Their multitude of professional locksmith services makes them unique throughout. The word-of- -mouth marketing has played a tremendous role in their journey till date. So anytime someone tells you that Lock Key Shop is the best – they surely are.